The Preschool Educational Guide was designed in order to assist the parents in teaching their child.

It is suitable for children under the age of 6 that show retardation in any of the following areas:
a. verbal
b. motor
c. cognitive
d. behavior
e. self-service 

The guide is used to detect individual problems that affect the child suffering from developmental disorders (mental retardation, syndromes), pervasive developmental disorders (hyperactivity, autism spectrum, Asperger), learning difficulties. The effective application of the program needs the cooperation between the therapist, the parents and the child. The meeting takes place once a week during which the abilities of the child are written of the Abilities Evaluation List and both the therapist, the parents and the child agree on a goal that needs to be achieved within the coming week. The goal always corresponds to the activity that is being taught. Through the weekly abilities program, the therapist helps the child to achieve new goals that are necessary for his/her development.

The therapist notes in the Abilities Evaluation List the progress of the child in anyone of the following developmental areas:
a. infant stimuli
b. socialization
c. speech
d. self-service
e. perception
f.  motor

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