The WISC-III test is a commonly used intelligence quotient (IQ) test. The WISC test comprises thirteen (13) subtests each of which is used to evaluate a different aspect of he child’s metal abilities (memory, abstract though, perceptive thought etc.) all of which contribute to what we call “general intelligence”.

The cumulative-statistical evaluation of the subtests renders a general index known as Intelligence Quotient that is used to show the mental ability of the child. The great scope of the reliable and valid information included in the WISC-III test is a very useful tool for the professionals in the design of educational and supportive intervention programs, in predicting the development of the mental dynamic of the child for his/her future educational and professional development, in the decision to place the child within a framework of supportive education etc.

The WISC-III is used by specialised psychologists and special education teachers and is appropriate for children between the ages of 6 and 16.

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