The Therasuit Method is based on an intensive and individual rehabilitation program. The key element is a muscular stimulation program designed according to the needs of the child suffering from cerebral palsy. The improvement of the muscular strength in tetraplegic or diplegic children normalizes the muscular tone, increases their strength, stamina and energetic strength. All these help the better performance of the child during his/her daily activities. 

The Therasuit suit is a soft, dynamic, proprioceptive orthosis that is used in combination with the muscular strengthening program. The aim of the program is to improve the proprioceptiveness, that is, the pressure from the joints and the muscles in order to limit the pathological reflexes and to improve the physiological motor standards. It also improves the body symmetry, the balance and the position of the body in space. 

Finally, we must not forget that the Therasuit method for tetraplegic and diplegic children is another tool of the rehabilitation program that shall include various methods, supplementary to the Neuro-Develpmental Treatment (Bobath)

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