What is Vision Therapy/Visual Training 

Vision Therapy/Visual Therapy is a group of individual optical activities programs which are applied by an experience optometrist. The Vision Therapy programs apply to a broad spectrum of visual impairments, such as lazy eye, crossed eyes, double vision, convergence insufficiency and some reading and learning disabilities. Vision affects human movement and activities. This, however, is expected, since 90% of the information we receive from our environment is visual. Therefore, it is a logical necessity that many neurokinetic and sensory deficiencies (e.g. learning disabilities) may benefit significantly through vision. The Vision Therapy programs reinforce and restore the functional problems of vision and do not provide a cure for pathological conditions.

In order to decide whether someone can benefit from a Vision Therpay program, it is necessary for the ophthalmologist to carry out a thorough visual examination in order to diagnose any pathological condition that may cause visual impairment before the optometrist can make an evaluation and decide what is the most appropriate intervention program that will meet the needs of the patient.

The integration of the Vision Therapy programs into the rehabilitation programs offered by our Centre are made primarily in two ways. In those cases where the Vision Therapy programs can be integrated in the occupational therapy, physical therapy or special education program, the therapists follow the program that has been formulated by the optometrist. The child is re-evaluated during fixed time intervals in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and to decide on any further actions that need to be undertaken. If the patient’s case needs to be treated through the use of special equipment or asks for special treatment, then the Vision Therapy program is applied by an optometrist outside our Centre. Most of our staff, regardless of their specialty, have been trained in Vision Therapy in order to apply the program under the guidance of the optometrist and are participating in new, informative seminars.

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